Robert altering thrown form
Robert altering thrown form

The Vermont Pottery & Weaving Studio

Robert & his wife, Christine, live on a former dairy farm, in one of the mountain valleys that surround Bristol, Vermont.   The barn serves as his studio & showroom and the 19th century farmhouse their home.

Most of Robert’s Stoneware & Porcelain pottery is Wood-Fired in a Noborigama kiln.  A Salt Glazed atmosphere is achieved in the second chamber of this Japanese style kiln.

WCAX video, An Uncommon Kiln, from 2010, shows Robert firing his Noborigama.

The Pit Fired & Raku pottery is fired in special kilns designed for these unique effects.  Robert throws each piece of pottery individually on a potter’s wheel.

Visit the Vermont Pottery Studio or shop in our on-line Gallery.

The pottery is open most days from 10 am – 5 pm

Call, 802-453-3778 for our daily schedule.

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Our New Venture – History Mugs

Christine & Robert have always had a strong interest in history.  Growing up surrounded by antique photos, family members and their stories.  Robert took over compiling his family ancestry.  To share the information he collected, he began putting his ancestors images and stories on his mugs.

President Theodore Roosevelt

We now do this for other families and recently created History Mugs, a business focused on putting biographies on mugs.

We have produced a number of biographical series including: The US Presidents, The Civil War, Athletes, Famous Vermont Residents, and Rodeo Stars.

Have personalized Custom Mugs made for your family or business. Go to our Custom Mugs section to see samples of: Business, Commemorative, Genealogy, Special Events and Whimsical designs we have made for other people.

Visit our HistoryMugs website to see what we offer.


2016 Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th & 29th, Robert & Christine will be participating in the Vermont Craft Council’s Open Studio Weekend. We hope you will stop by the pottery to see our extensive kilns, multiple pottery techniques and new work.  Click on the QR code to access a map showing the location of artists around the state.

2016 QR Code to VCC Open Studio Map
2016 QR Code to VCC Open Studio Map