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The International
Potters Bed & Breakfast Program


What is the Potters Bed and Breakfast Program ? How the Program Works 
The Potters Bed and Breakfast Program has been assisting potters who travel, or who want to host traveling potters,  for over 18 years.

The Potters Bed and Breakfast Program is a service providing opportunities for potters to visit other potters while traveling.   It promotes interaction among potters and fosters personal connections between potters from all over the world.

    If you have an extra room or spare bed to offer a fellow potter who is traveling and would like to meet and discuss ideas with potters from other states or countries, then join the Bed and Breakfast program.

Over 600 potters have joined from TWENTY different countries. 


Upon receipt of your registration you will be given the password which allows access to the on line member potters directory.

  As a registered member you can participate as a guest, when traveling, or as a host for potters traveling in your area.

   The program is a way for potters to network with each other.  You are not obligated to host every time you are asked. If you cannot offer to put up a potter on a specific occasion, maybe you can help in other ways. Perhaps by referring them to points of interest or introduce them to  other local potters.

  This program is non-commercial.  No money is exchanged between guests and their hosts.  It is a totally volunteer program.  To participate you must be registered as a host.  This preserves the reciprocal aspect of the program.


The International
Potters Bed & Breakfast Program


How to Join How to Join

The Potters Bed and Breakfast Directory is for use only by those have registered, once you join you will be sent the password that allows access to the directory

Encourage potters you know to join..

Any potter may participate in this program by completing the
 "New" Registration Form

If you have any questions call Robert at 802-453-3778 or



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