Salt Glaze Process

Salt Glazing is a firing process in which pottery is engulfed in a sea of sodium vapor and fire.  Salt is introduced into the firebox of the kiln at 2000 degrees.  The intense heat releases sodium from the salt, which then fuses with the clay or pottery, making a glass surface.

The process coats the kiln shelves where the pottery is stacked.  Wadding is used to keep the pots from fusing to the kiln shelves.  The size, shape, and materials used for wadding, are important aesthetic considerations for the potter.  When firing covered jars, wadding is used under the lid on the galley, and under the pot, leaving beautiful patterns.

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Salt Glazed Pilgrim, OLS-SG-112
Salt Glazed Pilgrim, OLS-SG-112

Item: OLS-SG-112 Pilgrim Vessel, Natural Clay Body Salted
13" H  x  7" D, $180, Continental US Shipping $60

Salt Glazed Pilgrim, OLS-SG-112
Wood Fired & Salt Glazed Yunomi.
Sake Cup, OLS-SG-377

Item: OLS-SG-377, Sake Cup, 2.5" H  x  2.7" D, $ 36, Continental US Shipping, $18

Sake Cup, OLS-SG-379

Item: OLS-SG-379, Sake Cup, 2.5" H  x  3.2" D, $ 36, Continental US Shipping, $18