Catenary Arch Kiln
Catenary Arch Kiln 16

Catenary Arch Wood Kiln, 2001-current

This wood kiln was built by Bryan Mattraw and Robert in the summer of 2001. Robert wanted a small salt kiln that could be fired quickly, with wood or gas, for testing salt glazes.

Unloading the first firing

The kiln was originally constructed before a building would cover it. The wide chimney draws evenly across the chamber, making for even heat distribution. The height of the chimney was determined by the need to exit the roof of a shed built the following winter.
Unloading the first firing
Unloading the first firing.
The chamber partially unloaded.

Stacking Arrangement

This kiln has a "stepped down" internal firebox, so that it can be fired with wood. It can also be fired with propane.
It is Robert's observation that small wood kilns are inherently less efficient than larger wood kilns.
This single chamber wood kiln takes just as long to fire as the Noborigama 60 and uses about as much wood.

Kiln with new shed.
Kiln with new shed.