Pottery studio & showroom.
This former dairy barn serves as Robert’s Studio and Pottery Gallery.

Robert Compton Pottery, Bristol, Vermont was established in 1972.  Robert’s first pottery in 1972 was located Moretown, Vermont.  He purchased the Bristol property in 1973.

Summer is visitor season in Vermont and the studio is open to all who come to see the Pottery.  For directions to our pottery click here: * Directions to the Pottery *  

Entrance to Studio & Gallery
Christine & Robert in front of the entrance to their Studio and Gallery. They are always happy to explain the techniques Robert uses to make and fire his pottery.





The Pottery Studio and Gallery were opened to the public in the fall of 1990.  Prior to that time Robert’s work was sold exclusively through galleries around the country from 1972-1989.  

Pottery sign
Pottery sign by the road.

The wet work of throwing is done in winter, the “off” season for the showroom.  Without interruptions Robert is able to concentrate on his work.  He spends several weeks working on different style pots, perfecting the shape of each form.  After the pieces are dry, he loads them into the Gas Fired Car Kiln for a bisque or “biscuit” firing.

Jomon plates
Jomon plates







Jomon vases
Jomon vases drying on shelves.
Bisque fired pottery
Stacks of bisque fired bowls fill the rafters.








Summer in the Studio means glazing pots.  Robert uses a deck behind his studio to work on.  Large plastic containers hold the glaze and the center table is used to arrange the pots to be glazed.

Large bisque fired urns.
Large pots waiting to be glazed.

Preparing Pots to be Fired








Spraying glaze.
Large pots are sprayed with glaze.

Kilns at the Pottery

The unique Tower at the Pottery

The Gardens and Grounds at the Pottery

Studio Tools and Equipment

Shard pile