The Pottery Studio and Gallery in the winter.

Winter at Robert Compton Pottery

December-January 2022-2023.

The studio and gallery are open most days but it is best to call ahead to make sure we're here.

The pottery is five miles north or Bristol village on Rte. 116, one mile north of the Rte. 17 turn off for Waitsfield.

 * Directions to the Pottery *

Call, 802-453-3778 for more information.



Find our History Mugs at the following locations.

  • Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, PA.
  • The Ethan Allen Homestead, Burlington, VT.
  • The President Calvin Coolidge Museum, Plymouth, VT.
  • The Sullivan Museum & History Center, Norwich University, Northfield, VT

Vermont Pottery Studio

Robert and his wife, Christine, live on a former dairy farm, in one of the mountain valleys that surround Bristol, Vermont.  The barn serves as his studio and showroom and the 19th-century farmhouse is their home.

Please come and visit our pottery.  You will see Robert's Wood Fired, Salt Glazed, Gas Fired, Raku and Pit Fired pottery, as well as Christine's scarves and shawls.

Robert loading his gas fired “reduction” kiln.

Our Studio

We are located on Vermont Route 116, halfway between Bristol and Starksboro village.  We are here most days, but if you are making a special trip, it is best to call ahead to set up a convenient time.

Kilns at the Pottery

Most of Robert's Stoneware and Porcelain pottery is Wood-Fired in a Noborigama kiln.  A Salt Glazed atmosphere is achieved in the second chamber of this Japanese-style kiln.

The Pit Fired and Raku Pottery is fired in special kilns designed for these unique effects.  Robert throws each piece of pottery individually on a potter's wheel.

Night firing of the Noborigama.

Firing the Noborigama

Robert fires his Noborigama, which holds 1500 pieces of pottery approximately once a year.

Our roadside pottery sign dusted with snow.

History Mugs

Christine & Robert have always had a strong interest in history.  They both grew up surrounded by antique photos, family members, and their stories.  Robert complied his own family ancestry and to share the information he collected, he began putting his ancestor's images and stories on his handmade mugs.

He decided to continue the process and created History Mugs a business focused on putting interesting historical biographies on mugs.  

We have produced many different series.   Our diverse collection of over 600 biographies can be searched on our History Mug Site Map.

History Mugs - Instagram

Please visit our History Mugs website to see what we offer. 

History Mugs are the perfect way to enjoy your coffee or tea.