The following is a list of books, magazines and periodicals in which Robert was reviewed, his work was shown or he authored the articles.

Wood Fired & Salt Glazed Pilgrim.
Magazines & Periodicals, 1997-2009

2009 Vermont Home Style, Shelburne, Vermont
Handmade for the Holiday

2006 & 2005 Ceramics Monthly, Columbus, Ohio
Workshop Handbook, “Age and Experience are just Age and Experience”  by Robert Compton

2002 Ceramics Monthly, May Issue,  Columbus, Ohio
Up Front -two person show review. "Two Approaches to Wood Firing”

2001 Home Lighting & Accessories, February Issue, Clifton, NJ.
“Fountains of Light” by Melissa Lalka

2001 The Crafts Report, January Issue, Wilmington, Delaware
“Solutions of Common Health and Safety Issues in the Ceramic Studio,” by Jeff Zamek

1999 “Different Stokes” International Wood Fire Conference Paper
Standing Up For Wood Firing
, Written by Robert Compton

1999 Ceramics Monthly, January Issue, Columbus, Ohio
Up Front – Photo – Salt Invitational at Brookfield Craft Center

1999 Studio Potter Network News, Volume 12 Number 1
“In Love with Clay Part 2” – by Jean Silverman

1998  Ceramics Ireland, Spring Issue, Dublin, Ireland
“Robert Compton – A Potter in Vermont”, by Ciaran O’Conboirne

1998 Clay Times, January/February Issue, Waterford, Virginia
“Bob Compton’s Annual Potters’ Pot Luck”, by Delia Robinson.

1997 The Crafts Report, December Issue, Wilmington, Delaware
“Downsizing: Not Necessarily A Dirty Word,” by Barbara Marquand.

Magazines & Periodicals, 1975-1997

1994 The Crafts Report, September Issue, Wilmington, Delaware
Develop Your Advertising Budget, by Loretta Radeschi

1993 Ceramics Monthly, November Issue, Columbus, Ohio
“A Working Tour of New Zealand”, by Robert Compton.

1992 Ceramics Monthly, August Issue, Columbus, Ohio
“Fountains Sweet Music,” by Lee Steedle.

1991 Craft New Zealand, Winter Issue #36, Wellington, New Zealand
Workshop review of session given at Wanganui Polytechnic.

1989 Studio Potter, December Issue, Geoffstown, New Hampshire
“Vermont Potters”

1989 The Crafts Report, March Issue Seattle, Washington
“Projecting a Professional Image, The Foundation of a Lasting Crafts Career”, Written by Robert Compton.

1975 Ceramic Review, December Issue London, England
“Two Chambered Kilns, A New Approach,” Written by Robert Compton

40 Year Retrospective of Pottery & Ceramic Sculpture, 2012.
Books, 2001-2012

2012 Robert Compton, 40-year Retrospective of Pottery & Ceramic Sculpture, by Robert Compton, Frog Hollow, Burlington, Vermont, 40 Year Retrospective Show, October 1-31, 2012

2009 Mastering Raku
By Steven Branfman, Lark Books, Ashville, North Carolina

2001 “The Art of Contemporary American Pottery”
By Kevin A. Hluch, Krause Publications, Iola, WI

2001 “Raku – A Practical Approach,”
Second edition by Steve Branfman, Krause Publications, Iola, WI