Wood Fired Ash Coated Vase – OLS-WF-8


OLS-WF-8 – Wood Fired Ash Coated Vase, 9″ H x 5″ D, $380


Robert’s Wood Fired pots are fired in a Noborigama during which time; they are stoked with wood continuously for 3 days, consuming 5 cords of wood, attaining a temperature of 2400 Fahrenheit. Several hundred pots fill the chamber and are enveloped in flame and ash during the firing.

As in Salt Glaze Firing, the pots are placed on “wads”, to prevent them from fusing to the kiln shelves. The wadding is an important element, as it allows the fire to flow under every pot, creating unique flash patterns. Each Wood Fired piece emerges from the firing with a color, texture and character, unique to its placement in the kiln.