Wood Fired Textured Urn – OLS-WF-232


OLS-WF-232 – Wood-Fired Shino Glazed Keepsake Urn, 5″ H x 3.2″ D, $115


Wood-Fired Shino Glazed Textured Keepsake Urn fired in our Noborigama.

Wood-firing pottery is a technique used by necessity in some countries and by choice in others.  A kiln fired with wood is capable of delivering high temperatures that can vitrify stoneware clay.  The pottery in a wood-fired kiln is subjected to fly ash and smoke.  This affects the appearance of ware in a way that is prized by many potters and collectors.  Glazes develop unique effects from the ash and flame flashing, and even pieces without glaze are affected by the combustion of the wood ash, which has enough fluxes to fuse the surface of the clay in a glaze-like manner.